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Sci fi novels or tv shows like the mass effect series?

i'm a fan of the games and was wondering if there were any books or tv shows that have similar themes. military space hero, alien civilizations, saving the galaxy from evil forces, that kind of thing :P

Best Answer...


The very closest story to Mass Effect would be Battlestar Galactica, imo. But without alien species, just the reapers. It's like... What would happen in the Mass Effect Universe if all the organics but humans were killed off by the reapers, and Shepard hadn't been there to save them before the planet went boom. Or like following the Quarians, depending on how you look at it.

There's a ton of story similarities. Very, very military-based story, fighting for survival, so many plot twists, rebelling robots bent on wiping out organics, and an ending that fans complained about.

As for things with military and aliens... About the only I can think of were the Star Treks. Andromeda was similar- a military guy frozen in time tries to bring about his military order again.

Firefly has a really great story and is all about the crazy space dudes, but it's more space cowboy than space marine. The level of horror in it is similar to the Mass Effect series, as is the pattern/ crescendo of the story.

Farscape is another frozen-in-time space marine who deals with crazy aliens, but I can't remember if there was a galaxy-wide threat as bad as the reapers.

There are a ton of Mass Effect books and comics too, that detail a lot of extra stuff happening there.