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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anyone have a Newfoundland?

I currently have no pets, but I have had two past dogs. My last one was a golden/black-lab mix and was a great companion. I think I am interterested because Newfies remind me of my last dog, and I have heard they are very loving. I am prepared to be a "dog person" and am not worried about the shedding, or exercising. I am just interested in your opininions!

Best Answer...


<<< I do!!! :) That is my bronze Newfie pup next to my Saint Bernard pup.

Newfoundlands are great dogs!! Not only do I own one, but I foster a few yearly, helped whelp several litters, and will be welcoming another Newf into our family in the next few months. I will glady give you my two cents about this wonderful breed!!

I work with and am a member of the Newfoundland Club of New England ( My close friend is a breeder and has been for years. I have helped her whelp many litters!! And have recently began (key word!) to learn the in and out of showing and hope to show alongside my friend.

Newfs are awesome dogs, I really cannot say enough good things about them, however they have many health issues (genetic) and do not have a long life expectancy because of their size (like any large breed). They also need to go to obediance classes because of their size and strengh (and the breed tends to be difficult to train).

I also tell people you absolutely need a sense of humor when you own a Newfie!! Not only do they LOVE to get dirty, LOVE to get wet, and DROOL, but they will also push your buttons to see how far they can get you to go. They are very intelligent, so they can be challneging to train. Instead of just listening to the command you give, they actually think about it before doing it... so you need a patient and firm hand :) The key is being consistant and establishing pack roles from early on.

Also, like any large breed... more expensive to feed, more expensive vet bills, more expensive flea/tick and heartworm prevention, and more exercise!!! A few of my foster Newfies are on TWO heartworm preventatives and TWO flea/tick topicals a MONTH because of their size!! It REALLY adds up... and quick!

The only advice I can give you is to find your local Newfoundland breed club and go to different events. See as many Newfoundlandcs as you can, talk to as many owners as you can, and PLEASE do a lot of research to find a responsible and reputable breeder. Ask a TON of questions, ask for references and actually call!!

Educate yourself!! You would hate to purchase a Newfie puppy from a mill/broker/backyard breeder and end up having to pay $2500 for hip surgery by the age of one. I have seen this time and time again with this breed at my work. The breed is notorious for hip and elbow dysplasia. Make sure the breeder is affliated with the AKC AND the Newfoundland Club of America (they are quite strict with breeder regulations).

Go to the link I supplied you with. Lots of info! Good luck in your search!

Here are some useful websites:

NOTE: Nedra... aww your babies must be beautful!! My first dog was a GP (I miss him everyday)! He lived to be 14!! Give your dogs a hug from me!!