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Runescape Updates in the past couple of years?

So i havent played Runescape in a few years now, have there been any good updates worth checking out if i start playing it again?

Best Answer...


Another user has stated a few of the updates, i'll elaborate on them.

1. Microtransactions - Jagex have introduced a new daily activity called the "Squeal of Fortune" where you have a chance to win an experience lamp, rare items, skilling items or gold. Everyone gets free spins on the Squeal Wheel daily but if you want more than a few, you'll have to buy them yourself.

Many players protested against this, because people can "buy their way to success" by purchasing spins on the Squeal Wheel and using all the experience lamps they gain.

2. Graphical updates - Runescape is now constantly updating the graphics. Although they still don't look THAT good, there is noticeable improvement from the disgusting graphics of 2006.

3. A few new skills, depending on when you quit - summoning and dungeoneering. Summoning is the ability to summon all kinds of monsters to aid you in battle, each with the unique abilities. Dungeoneering is essentially dungeon raids - a group based activity which gives you access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game (Chaotics). You traverse dungeons, unlocking the relevant doors, completing puzzles and then facing the 'boss monster' at the end.

4. Right now there is a huge combat rework. HUGE! Runescape is changing to a more "WoW" based style, hotkeys for potions, prayers and spells, special abilities depending on your combat skills (mages can cast the tsunami ability) and even combat levels are changing now (which sucks to be honest). The previous highest level was 138 members, but now it's level 200.

5. I guess this is obvious, but many more quests. If you quit awhile ago there's some new boss monsters in the God Wars Dungeon for teams to tackle, with a chance of rare loot. Recently the Queen Black Dragon was released, and in the future the 'Kalphite King' is going to make an appearance as a boss.