Finger Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is spray paint okay for plastic plane models?

I want to paint some of my finished airplane models, and I want to know if basic spray paint in a can would be alright. Also, can I apply decals to a plane that's been painted by spray paint?

Best Answer...


Yes, it's fine... though I always use Testors brand spray paint for models.

As another answerer stated... wash your model before painting with lukewarm water and a little dish soap. This will get rid of finger-oils and other stuff that can mar the finish.

You can prime or not... but DO follow the instructions on the can... make sure you shake well, hold can 8-10 inches back, and move the can smoothly. It's better to put on two light coats than one heavy coat that might run.

To get the BEST results with decals... paint with a gloss paint OR give a coat of gloss finish to a matte paint before decals. Decals always adhere best to a smooth glossy coat... decals over matte paint will often "silver" (show a strange silver look that is micro air-bubbles trapped in the "texture" of a matte paint. If you want a matte finish... spray with a matte-coat AFTER you've applied the decals.