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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can you use any type of curtains with a traverse rod?

I have a very wide window in my living room that had old lady looking pinch pleated drapes on a traverse rod when I first moved in. The rod was very old and ended up breaking so we just put up sheers. I love the sheers I have up but I miss being able to just pull them open with the traverse rod instead of having them in three separate sections like I do now (hope that makes sense)

So I'm wondering is it possible to just hang the sheers on a traverse rod? If so do you just buy those pins and somehow attach them to the sheers?

And if I can't use sheers is there something else I can use that would look more modern? I really really don't like the pleats on top. Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.

Best Answer...


Sheers might look better on rings. Plus the pins would damage the sheers. There are special rings designed to work with traverse rods. Check a store that has drapery hardware catalogs and a helpful sales person, as these may not be readily available just anywhere.