School Wall

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Frequently Asked Questions...

sticking a shoe to the wall for photography?

so for various reasons, i need to be able to get a shoe to stick temporarily on a wall for photography class. permanent glue is not going to cut it, as it is a school wall. plus i wear the shoe.
i tried taping to no avail :] which is also a dilemma since it can't be visible, but i can change the angle if i really need to.

Best Answer...


Picture mounting putty, kinda like Silly Putty but sticky. May not be strong enough.

Stick-on decorators hooks. Strong, and come off easily afterwards.

Velcro tape, which can then be removed. Again, may not be strong enough, but should be unless you are trying to attach just the toe or heel.

Shoot the shoe in a lightbox or sweep table, and Photoshop it onto the wall. No muss, no fuss. Just check the shadows and make sure they look good.